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At Year’s End: Holiday SFF Stories Is Here!

At Year's End: Holiday SFF StoriesI’ve been published! The flash fiction anthology “At Year’s End: Holiday SFF Stories,” which includes my story “They Will Be Home for Christmas,” came out today. Though it was my second story to be accepted this year, it’s my first to be published. So, it’s a pretty historic book. Buy it. All the holiday-themed stories are 500 words or less — some are poignant, some are funny, some are dark, and others, like mine, are dark and funny.

Table of Contents:
“Foreword” by L. Lambert Lawson
“A Unicorn for Christmas” by Beth Cato
“When Friends Come to Call” by Zach Shephard
“Autumn Waits” by Ken MacGregor
“Nuclear Family” by Alex Shvartsman
“The Christmas Zombie” by James S. Dorr
“Mission Log, Day 67” by Lance Schonberg
“Resolution” by Amanda M. Hayes
“The Conjurer” by Alicia Cole
“Nativity” by Brandon Alspaugh
“History Lessons” by Sandra McDonald
“Gifted” by Dan Hart
“Mistletoe” by Casey Peterson
“New Year’s Revolution” by Katherine Sparrow
“They Will Be Home for Christmas” by James Aquilone
“In the Bleak Midwinter” by Michael H. Payne
“The Greatest Tiger Lantern of All” by J. Deery Wray
“A Visit, A Gift” by Matthew Johnson
“Electric Hatsuyume” by Deborah Walker
“A Reason to Linger” Alexis A. Hunter

Buy “At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories” for Kindle or Nook.

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