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Attack of the Bug-Eyed People


My, what big eyes we’re going to have.

If sci-fi movies have taught us anything, it’s that in the future we’re going to be wearing the same colored jumpsuits, probably be bald (but probably ridiculously buff), and of course have giant heads and itty-bitty Troll doll bodies. Or turn into canabalistic subterranean dwelling Morlocks.

The reality–or at least the possible reality–is that we’re going to have “unnervingly large” eyes in 100,000 years. The main cause, says artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm and Dr. Alan Kwan, will be wearable technology such as Google Glass and iWatch. According to Forbes, futurists predict that “people will seek discrete implants that preserve the natural human look–think communication lenses (a technologically souped up version of today’s contacts) and miniature bone-conduction devices implanted above the ear. These might have imbedded nano-chips that communicate to another separate device to chat with others or for entertainment.”

But our peepers won’t only be big as dinner plates–they’ll “feature eye-shine and even a sideways blink from the re-introduced plica semilunaris to further protect from cosmic ray effects.”

I guess looking like Bratz Dolls is a small price to pay so we never have to stop playing Candy Crush or checking out Grumpy Cat memes. Our eyes will be huge but our attention spans will probably be shorter than a goldfish’s.

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