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Basil Rathbone or Peter Cushing?

Quick — which is Basil Rathbone?

Basil Rathbone or Peter Cushing

Answer: It’s a trick question. No one can tell Basil Rathbone and Peter Cushing apart.


  1. Richard8655 says:

    Easy. Cushing on the left, Rathbone on the right. They don’t look all that similar to me, with Cushing to me looking more like the definitive Sherlock Holmes.

  2. NEIL ASHTON says:

    I can tell them two good Sherlock Homes actors apart, I think them two were perfect actors to play the famous detective in old Movies, as well as the 1980’s T.V. Show Sherlock played by Jeremy Brett. All though Jeremy Brett got to do them all, in the books & all the Mycroft Holmes ones with his brother appearing in episodes who never appears in the Rathbone or Cushing ones at all, which they never got their hands on.

    • NEIL ASHTON says:

      I wouldn’t even knock them two actors they were two of the good ones we had to play that worlds greatest detective. Although, I was never that keen on actors such as Edward Woodward, Michael Caine, Tom Baker doing Sherlock Holmes, it just didn’t get me when they tried to play the worlds greatest detective & I don’t mind Ian Richardson in two movies too.

  3. NEIL ASHTON says:

    Arthur Wontner although never heard much of him, isn’t that bad either, playing Holmes, but others tend to remake the Arthur Wontner ones, his movie titles sign of 4, murder at the baskervile etc redone too many times aswell as the Rathbone ones Hound of the Baskervilles, Dressed To Kill etc remade alot, I can tell Rathbone & Cushing apart just like i can tell Jeremy Brett & Ian Richrdson & others apart at the same time. I think it is a silly question to offer.

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