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SF Signal Welcomes Me Into Their Loving Arms

SF Signal: Hugo Award Winner - Fanzine 2012I’ve been made an official member of the SF Signal team — the two-time Hugo-winning fanzine SF Signal, I should add.

I’ll be doing a monthly column called The Craft, wherein I talk to writers about writing. The first one features Adam-Troy Castro, who gives some great advice about character development. THE CRAFT: Adam-Troy Castro on Character Development

I’ll also be moderating their popular Mind Melds every few weeks. My first one throws a spotlight on women horror writers. MIND MELD: Our Favorite Women Horror Writers


  1. >>”…the two-time Hugo-winning fanzine SF Signal, I should add.”

    You mean *must* add. It’s in your contract. ;)

    Welcome aboard!

    • My lawyers are still going through the contract. So many demands. Giving up my eternal soul seems a bit excessive for a fanzine, but I think I can agree to the rest. Ah, what the hell, take my soul, too. I’m fully on board!

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