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If you can't trust John Kennedy with your secret identity, who can you trust?Why the hell do superheroes need secret identities?

Supposedly, the secret identities protect the superheroes’ loved ones. Because, god forbid, if Lex Luthor knew that Lois Lane is really married to Superman, then she’d be in terrible danger. Oh, wait, Lois Lane is in danger in every freakin’ Superman story.

Name a superhero movie in which the superhero’s significant other wasn’t kipnapped or threatened by the villain. In “Spider-Man 2” even poor Aunt May was almost killed by Doc Ock. So, let’s can the secret identities already.

Flash Gordon never needed a damn secret identity.


  1. They do seem like a quirky idea that became the mainstay. When applied to Supes it’s just a stupid idea. He doesn’t need the job so why bother.

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