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“Do Stand-Up Bots Dream of Electric Hecklers? (And Other Stories)” on Amazon Kindle

My biggest collection to date, Do Stand-Up Bots Dream of Electric Hecklers? (And Other Stories), has been released on Amazon!

It contains 6 of my humorous sci-fi short stories:

  • “Head to Head”: An obnoxious telepath tortures a stranger by never shutting up.
  • “Simon Clash: The Galaxy’s Greatest Hero”: A space hero risks life and limb to save a princess on the planet Desolation, because that’s his thing.
  • “Bad Poets Society”: Kilgore Birch faces death in a world where justice is determined by poetry criticism.
  • “6 Attempts at Winning Jennifer’s Heart”: A shy geek uses his boss’s inventions to woo his co-worker.
  • “The League of Lame Superheroes”: A group of superheroes with extraordinarily average powers try to get respect and save the world.
  • “Do Stand-Up Bots Dream of Electric Hecklers?”: A comedy robot makes life miserable for his no-nonsense owner.

You can buy yourself a copy on Amazon.

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