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“My So-Called Life in Reruns” Published in Fantasy Scroll Magazine

FSM-issue-12-coverMy story about a couch potato and Star Trek has been published in Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue #12.

Here’s the opening to “My So-Called Life in Reruns”:

I was on the couch watching Star Trek. It was the original pilot episode with Captain Pike getting trapped on a planet called Talos IV. I’d seen it so many times it no longer felt like watching television; it felt like remembering. And like all the reruns they allowed me to watch, the episode comforted me and reminded me of home. More so than this horrible apartment, which was an exact replica of my old place in New York, right down to the water stain in the shape of South America on the living room ceiling and the cat scratches on the front door. My cat wasn’t here, though. He was gone, along with my real apartment and everyone and everything else on Earth.

You can read the entire story at Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

Here’s the full table of contents for Issue #12:

“Mother Salt and her Sisters” — James Troughton
“Apprentice” — James Van Pelt
“Prosperity’s Shadow” — Jason Hine
“The Memory of Huckleberries” — Rebecca Birch
“My So-Called Life in Reruns” — James Aquilone
“What Was Meant to Be Buried” — Carla Dash
“Beyond the Turning Orrery” — Deborah Walker
“Boo Daddy’s” — Anna Yeatts
“Skies of Sand and Steel” — Jeremy Szal
“Shamrock – Part 7 – Shadows” — Josh Brown & Alberto Hernandez

Check out Fantasy Scroll Magazine here.

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