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At Year’s End: Holiday SFF Stories Is Here!

At Year's End: Holiday SFF Stories

I've been published! The flash fiction anthology "At Year's End: Holiday SFF Stories," which includes my story "They Will Be Home for Christmas," came out today. Though it was my second story to be accepted this year, it's my first to be published. … [Read More]

God’s Handiwork

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Short Fiction Recommendations

"Scraps" by Michael Haynes: A poignant story about the power of memories, both good and bad. "Burning Love" by Jeff James: Quirky, humorous story about a sentient toaster. Fun read. "Robot" by Helena Bell: I'm usually not a fan of stories … [Read More]

Untitled Webcomic

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My First Anthology Appearance

O frabjous day! I'm going to be in an anthology! I've just sold a short story called "They Will Be Home Christmas" to Kazka Press for its upcoming anthology "At Year's End: SFF Holiday Stories." It's my first sale to an anthology and I'm psyched. … [Read More]

Together, We Can Stop Book Abuse!

Yeah, don't do this

I fucking loathe people who dog-ear the pages of books. I cringe when I see creased book spines. Waterlogged books, their pages bloated and swollen, send me into a fury. I want to shout at these book abusers: "What's wrong with you fucking animals! … [Read More]

Short Fiction Recommendations

Here are some stories I enjoyed in the past week. Click the links and enjoy them too! "My Wife Hates Time Travel" by Adam-Troy Castro: A fun, sweet story about the problems with inventing time travel. One of those stories you wish you had … [Read More]

Black Gate Publishing Free Stories Online

Black Gate magazine has started publishing online fiction. Yippee! Or not. It's great news because, hey, it's free fiction and new content from Black Gate. It's bad news because it might mean the end of those nice, thick issues of the … [Read More]

Weird Tales Issue #360 Cover

The cover for Weird Tales Issue #360 has been released. And I'm loving it. (This is the back cover.) (via Weird Tales Magazine) … [Read More]

Short Fiction Recommendations

Here are a few online stories I enjoyed recently. Check them out. "Memories of My Mother" by Ken Liu "Faster Gun" by Elizabeth Bear "Wikihistory" by Desmond Warzel "The Take" by Alex Shvartsman … [Read More]