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SHORT STORY SALE: “The League of Lame Superheroes” to Third Flatiron

Superheroes are what probably got me into speculative fiction. I pretty much only read comic books until I was 12, with the occasional Choose Your Own Adventure thrown in there.

So I’m stoked to be having a superhero story (my first of hopefully many) in Third Flatiron‘s spring 2014 anthology. The theme is “Astronomical Odds.”

Here’s the synopsis: The beleaguered League of Superheroes has failed to save the world 17 times in the past year alone. But when Professor Edison destroys the All-Star Champions of the Multiverse, the League is the world’s only hope. Will they overcome the odds and defeat the supervillain or will they prove to everyone that they truly are lame?

The anthology should be out on March 15.